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I wonder if Magnussen’s tail is out from between his legs yet? #F1 #Formula1 #KMag #HAAS https://t.co/pW2wCjlHlz
16th June, 2019 #Formula1, #HAAS
On the APPGIE meeting #CarbonOutOfHeat Taking the Carbon out of Heat (2017) - Earth Notes https://t.co/6XQPZivkt4https://t.co/4rxB7t9hkN
16th June, 2019
Steiner: ‘It can’t get any worse’ for Haas https://t.co/o2OPAJPe1q #F1 #Haas
16th June, 2019 #Haas
Insight Manufacturing is all smiles as they attended @haas_automation Demo Day at our Union City facility! Thank yo… https://t.co/Nj6Et1DyGL
16th June, 2019
I don‘t think that overlay implies what you think it does. Also, thanks for the free lesson in UK copyright law.… https://t.co/1gHxAZoaAd
15th June, 2019
@_Schmiegle Yes. Not just Bitcoiners but we are actively doing something about it by HODLing. Hodl as a Service… https://t.co/Tk9ZlWUwZ5
15th June, 2019