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India registera it's highest ever increase in ease of doing business rankings #BJP4Gujarat #halol #jaydrathsinhji https://t.co/Hbu2n0Qcfe
7th December, 2017 #halol
With factories shutting down or moving to other states, this will soon be a reality. #vadodara #halol https://t.co/2UXOLjD9OB
6th December, 2017 #halol
Visited families door to door to visit families and asked their support for @Jaydrathsinhji which as always they ea… https://t.co/M2ebBbMfZJ
5th December, 2017
Went door to door in Halol Nagar Palika to urge people to vote for BJP and support @Jaydrathsinhjihttps://t.co/HAuGt11AJj
5th December, 2017