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Really upset with @qatarairways. Waited 5 mins before leaving gate from #DOH to tell me my paid business class is n… https://t.co/aYiTm24Bgz
10th February, 2018
My bro @hamadpvd got some new 🔥🔥 Make sure you check out his new video "Southside" #Hamadhttps://t.co/6BOWwRcLpQ
9th February, 2018 #Hamad
@JulianRoepcke LOL, Iranian ,ade yes but not necessarily directly given to #YPG by Iran. Weapons shipments from ter… https://t.co/B1UC2NACSQ
9th February, 2018
@meggholic Welcome to #Hamad! That's our famous lamp bear 😊a bit about the artist if you're interested-… https://t.co/ubUVKrVVtC
7th February, 2018 #Hamad