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Building the world’s smallest #hammer. To hammer your cells! #Research on how #cells recover after head injuries.… https://t.co/K5JYEeT2PC
17th May, 2018 #hammer
10-in-1 Wood Hammer Tool has 10 tools in 1 to handle any of your hardware needs. Crafted of beechwood and stainless… https://t.co/48jXv5dsU7
17th May, 2018
With all the countless hours of practice, the pain staking repeats, and the skills you have gained, it’s time to ha… https://t.co/7KnDBmVWyh
17th May, 2018
Yeah Lightstick hammer 😌 if haters are too loud u can hit them with that 😚😏 At first I was like wtf !! Plz no ☻ I w… https://t.co/BFS6dZ7TLm
17th May, 2018