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This is not the way I want to see Ron Howard do a Star Wars movie. At this point, push the release date back & star… https://t.co/ldKhZsRcKc
22nd June, 2017
Ron Howard is the perfect choice to fix Han Solo. Here's why. https://t.co/CzLv2zDpDh #starwars #hansolo #ronhoward
22nd June, 2017 #starwars, #hansolo
Ron Howard on #HanSolo only proves Disney is too resistant to change. Miller & Lord would have shook things up & SW will need that soon
22nd June, 2017 #HanSolo
**Opie Strikes Back** **Return of the Redheads** **Attack of the Cunningham's** Good luck Ron Howard with #StarWarshttps://t.co/BQIkkoQ1QP
22nd June, 2017 #StarWars
Ron Howard Will Direct The Han Solo Prequel, Replacing Phil Lord And Christopher Miller https://t.co/GRdDwm0OIv via @adambvary #HanSolo
22nd June, 2017 #HanSolo
Ron Howard steps in to direct the #HanSolo movie. What are your thoughts? https://t.co/gNPqaqhekS
22nd June, 2017 #HanSolo