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The #finger, the #hands we are now afraid of, just for a while, just for a short while till we become #friends agai… https://t.co/JYYgJY96mk
30th March, 2020 #hands, #friends
South Africa - Cape Town - 30 March 2020 - Lavistown Post Office in Bishop Lavis made SASSA payouts. Social grant b… https://t.co/EN0tzgmQm3
30th March, 2020
Are your hands nourished and protected after all this washing?? Moisturizing, gentle, removes strongest food odors… https://t.co/I3pv7zaYG5
30th March, 2020
@GladysB How are you keeping babies safe in the womb? I still cannot believe your deceitful act against those who v… https://t.co/mqkHlcF4F9
30th March, 2020
We are all currently washing our hands more than ever before. This has resulted in sore hands. This natural moist… https://t.co/xwbLTvYH4g
30th March, 2020
the season started with #hands it’s only right that it ends with #hands
30th March, 2020 #hands, #hands