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#AGTChampions #Simon was right! #Hans bombed! He’s one for 3 on Champions, but he still has a shot at winning! 🙄
17th February, 2020 #Simon, #Hans
6ft 2 225 pound man just went down from a tap in the knee from Armia’s stick #hans
16th February, 2020 #hans
Invest in climax change! Do it now! Only 11 more years to live! Quick! (Be sure to get rid of your stocks before… https://t.co/nY9wYOFhWV
14th February, 2020
I was considering working on this one a bit more, but given today is Valentine's I have to post these two. They are… https://t.co/3Z4FfXZIim
14th February, 2020
😱😱😱⚔️🗡Hey Guys!! NEW DESIGN!!! https://t.co/1p7U5BDaeL Star Wars custom family shirts - Personalized Free Inftant -… https://t.co/Q1QrkcDfgh
14th February, 2020