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Oh little mini pack of mini gummy bears, I love you little guys. 🐻♥️ #haribo #minibears #cutest #favorite #truelovehttps://t.co/5euxZySVS3
12th December, 2018 #haribo
My advent calendar has arrived finally!! The kids and paul have had theirs for ages . Who thinks I’ll be able to ke… https://t.co/3ycXVUYgVn
11th December, 2018
My favorite kind of mail call!!! Mahalo to my Bay Area fam @kcab89 for sending the new #Haribo sour cubes that hasn… https://t.co/qd0ttcvybf
11th December, 2018 #Haribo
@chrissyteigen YES! As a lifelong gummy bear eater, the CLEAR is the BEST one!!! Red is second and green is last. O… https://t.co/vz4dD1MQn3
10th December, 2018
@PCArsenault I hope it was the #haribo brand. Anything else is shameful.
10th December, 2018 #haribo
Hello @OfficialHARIBO. I almost broke a tooth biting into one of your Smurfs tonight. Can you explain what this har… https://t.co/5rvl4i7jdB
10th December, 2018