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Saturday smasher. Not a fan of the heat - really, high of 38 mid day? Ugh - but it’s all worth it when you’re cooli… https://t.co/xxHCUD40wc
12th July, 2020
Love a #Haribo sweet but given the choice, which do you pick? #sweets #sugar #share
12th July, 2020 #Haribo
Our bags have a bit of something for everyone - so they’re great for sharing! (Though we won’t tell if you keep the… https://t.co/OeY2JvhiyA
11th July, 2020
Achievement unlocked! My household (mostly me) has consumed 100 lbs of gummy bears since the pandemic began. I am a… https://t.co/ZBbEd8CT7U
11th July, 2020