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@ACTFibernet - What's with the N number of calls to reactivate my plan when i have clearly said i dont want to reac… https://t.co/L2OrRgorQp
5th December, 2019
Early on, Cognitive capabilities do not provide a buffer against long-term effects of poverty/ low SES. #harrowing https://t.co/CT3iRfwHMO
4th December, 2019
Stalking & Coercive Control conference and the personal stories of Stacey and Lisa... thank you for sharing… https://t.co/mLq17ferPr
2nd December, 2019
@elpivoteftbl Watching Keane chase Vardy, will be like when i looked out of my bedroom window as a kid & saw my Dad… https://t.co/qrj8iwKNmt
1st December, 2019
‘I don’t think things are going to get better. I think we can slow the degree to which they will get worse.’ Sir Da… https://t.co/j9Be9AYLID
30th November, 2019