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Why is a Michael Knight (@DavidHasselhoff) figurine hanging out at the #WinterOlympics? WATCH THIS VIDEO! #theHoffhttps://t.co/iCOwdt7FlV
21st February, 2018
This is possibly the greatest cabinet art I've ever seen! I fucking love Germany!! I might have to steal it for tom… https://t.co/UTBEgzC8o6
17th February, 2018
Will you marry me? Great, now help me do this line of #coke and lets get back to the #DeLorean, I'm expecting a cal… https://t.co/4KESWUEv1v
16th February, 2018 #coke
this ep/interrogation scene was TOO damn funny! I feel this way when talking to my daughter about stuff… https://t.co/XzgfYttcAm
14th February, 2018