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Do you love French cars? Well, @CitroenSA is back in SA and here’s what they've brought with them: One #hatchbackhttps://t.co/wciBA1PJkP
17th October, 2019 #hatchback
How do you think the new #Jazz wil shape up? Quite excited as I’ve always loved that nameplate. It also points to n… https://t.co/RFdzqdrNa1
17th October, 2019
Congratulations to Joseph Santore of Rensselaer NY for his SHARP 2018 FORD FIESTA SE HATCHBACK! Enjoy your car Joe!… https://t.co/EyzKzaZxWk
16th October, 2019
Here's Our First Look At The Redesigned @Honda Fit. Called the Jazz overseas, a Tokyo Motor Show debut is happening… https://t.co/j9rFJLpVq5
16th October, 2019
Shopping for a family #hatchback? Let's see if the @HyundaiSA #i20 will meet your needs. Find out here 👉 https://t.co/Q2r6wVJjht
16th October, 2019 #hatchback