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Such good fun at Quay West. We had Delightful Dylan, Dying Fly Daniel and Randy Mandy with his ability to start th… https://t.co/L8CCw50rNa
21st June, 2018
You ever like stop watching a show because you don’t want it to end? ..yea that’s where I’m at with #Haven 😔
21st June, 2018 #Haven
@christielee1993 Of course! Who else would it be!!!! #haven’tgotyournuber
21st June, 2018 #haven
Books, literature, stories, poetry, song, reading, interactive learning with fellow humans, and libraries: #comforthttps://t.co/vK7vaHIK1t
20th June, 2018
@IanWright0 on Gareth Southgate..... "What's he doing in the woods?" #Classic #Haven'tStoppedLaughingYet!!🤣🤣🤣
20th June, 2018 #Haven