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In the second of our country pairings with India, here is a comparative study based on HUMAN DEVELOPMENT REPORT 201… https://t.co/KQOxkzml3f
22nd March, 2018
ITSM Basics: The Top 13 “Approaches” Used by IT Service Desks | @Joe_The_IT_Guy https://t.co/XuvMYwAe4n #ITSM #HDIhttps://t.co/04RAmpRnXY
21st March, 2018 #HDI
(Not really)? That's putting it mildly. #Nigeria is currently paying the price for population growth of avg. 1.5% t… https://t.co/xPvtFCkqF9
20th March, 2018 #Nigeria
A comparison with our neighbour and cricketing playmate, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka leads the race in South Asia on HDI,… https://t.co/eagXtqzRjj
20th March, 2018
india's happiness ranking 133rd in 2018...i was indifferent until i saw pakistan is at 75th.i am so agitated now..w… https://t.co/ZcELeEEKY8
19th March, 2018
2015 Human Development Index (#HDI) rankings: Norway 1, United States 10, United Kingdom 16, Saudi Arabia 38, Sri L… https://t.co/rn89r9gS9P
16th March, 2018 #HDI
‘Universal, well funded public services, a cradle to grave welfare state, generous pensions, strong trade unions, c… https://t.co/gkFqqZqRix
16th March, 2018
Great accomplishment @homedepot2766 weekly role plays are paying off! Associate involvement from 14% to our first t… https://t.co/Px0oDjZpAZ
15th March, 2018