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It's a happening @Geneseo today with my nephew's, Nathan Curran's graduation party! Notice the ISU decorations!! C… https://t.co/SqlHxoDIlb
9th June, 2018
Great to be chatting to @nathanmurf on @offtheball on Thursday. Discussion covered many of the skills and controver… https://t.co/iirG4ZYz1y
9th June, 2018
2/ Looks like, it is TV & News #Media's usual trick of selectively taking a point as #Heading or #BreakingNews in a… https://t.co/bjY4fqEYhJ
9th June, 2018 #Heading
Maltreatment Of The Women Folk: Is this Where our Modern Culture and Society is Heading Towards? See:… https://t.co/vxuILwJXWB
8th June, 2018