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“Its not heights I’m afraid of. Its the fear of falling that terrifies me. Literally and figuratively.” 😔 #fearshttps://t.co/7p7z3pMtlL
22nd April, 2018
When your company won't get you adjustable height desks, so you improvise! #agile #improv #Adjustment #desktophttps://t.co/3WOUilmA0F
21st April, 2018
I got to conquer the hike up Angles Landing! See more of my pictures here: https://t.co/7LhcNl1QwW #OptOutsidehttps://t.co/XTqBrY5E8s
21st April, 2018
Here at Food Truck festival in the Heights with 38 food truck friends. Be #HungryandAngryforGreekhttps://t.co/sx8I0fLBme
21st April, 2018