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@realDonaldTrump Pretty lame, Donny. The scary part is that you are trying to establish Faux as the official gover… https://t.co/X3F4vQ7SNb
18th January, 2018
How can he make america when he dont even recognize what tried to destroy it. Trump for Chancellor of Germany? #Heil https://t.co/HG5xkTmDvu
16th January, 2018 #Heil
Let me translate this for you: I, as President, want white people coming into our Country who are going to help us… https://t.co/uG0822jIHF
14th January, 2018
@MJGD100 @NewYorker Sorry, but being "like" a country economically has nothing to do with favoring white people. A… https://t.co/agXy0SxWNH
13th January, 2018
Keep trying ... #Heil Alexis Sanchez: When Man Utd could beat Man City in race to sign Arsenal star https://t.co/K3PAX0jbta
13th January, 2018 #Heil
Progressive Waste Answers: Mack LEU Heil Half/Pack Freedom FEL w/ Curotto Can part one https://t.co/OpM4XuEqSS -… https://t.co/3lVaz4zHNp
12th January, 2018