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Working on the new radio room 📻Still things to do before completion. #HamR #Kenwood #Elecraft #Pactor #Bencherhttps://t.co/F60PSIzo9v
23rd September, 2017
The EU is effectively Germany. Germany has admitted a million Muslims and wants us to help pay for its new army.… https://t.co/6zQ71hQJRb
22nd September, 2017
May: "We will honour our financial commitments". So, putting last week with this week, we're paying for the Euro-We… https://t.co/vuuxYGxh0M
22nd September, 2017
@pewdiepie you know what is really wrong, try to hide your opinion about white supremacy, filthy niggers, arabs and… https://t.co/cA9zIzDbaB
21st September, 2017
And when he threatens to do it without consent of the governing body he is trying to be a dictator##Heil https://t.co/KgbH3BVItx
20th September, 2017 #Heil