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The only Fascism I'll go back to is that which fought to end communism. #Heil https://t.co/9QKF8lAENj
21st February, 2017 #Heil
@politico It's their fault! Not mine for not preparing myself, like an adult. I just thought I'd only have to hold klan rallies. #heil
21st February, 2017 #heil
Ja, illegal immigrants are pouring over the border from Mexico into Sweden und take jobs from hardworking Americans… https://t.co/zLbgNJhA4t
20th February, 2017
@FloWrestling is that ref paid off, #Heil was pinned numerous times!
19th February, 2017 #Heil
I guess it would be more appropriate to tag the Tweeter King by his fun profile @realDonaldTrump than @POTUShttps://t.co/iWeu0bGArn
19th February, 2017
@jkarsh @SunnySand13 At $3million per weekend trip, Mar-a-Lago is a bargain for taxpayers. Only the disloyal would think otherwise. #Heil
19th February, 2017 #Heil