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"Mayochup" is a helluva shitty name - it's even worse than "Moland Spring." #Heinz #Mayochup #MolandSpringhttps://t.co/P2TaRmZk8k
19th April, 2018 #Heinz
It's April 18, 2018, here are a few stories you'll find on a new @Top30tv: • #Toyota announces talking cars •… https://t.co/qZRhhfI1OJ
18th April, 2018 #Toyota
@HeinzKetchup_US I like the idea of tomayo, but this combo will always be fry sauce to me. I hate, hate, *hate* may… https://t.co/avvFQ0nwQI
18th April, 2018
@HeinzKetchup_US I’d vote for it, if polls where still open. Super glad it passed! 🤗👍🏽 Can’t wait to try it!! I’ve… https://t.co/atJBKpQr86
18th April, 2018
The 57 on the Heinz ketchup bottle represents the number of pickle types the company once had. #fact #heinz
18th April, 2018 #heinz