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@gazsteele3 It’s a snout but not as big as that useless cunt from Man Utd #henrik
14th November, 2017 #henrik
How pure is this 😳, left arm at toe line, shaft sitting down the right forearm, lovely #Henrik https://t.co/EVZHMkBMZT
14th November, 2017 #Henrik
5 in a row for white hot #blueshirts, #nash ices it, #henrik incredible all night, impressed with the battle these… https://t.co/w31LxetkpU
9th November, 2017 #nash, #henrik
Henrik looks sharp in this one. Making good controlled movements and is getting in position early to make saves. A… https://t.co/5tQBISTamz
9th November, 2017
yo who is broadcasting TV with Pierre? I know Eddie is sick, he's been ripping Henrik non stop since the puck dropp… https://t.co/DKQ0FGBtfx
9th November, 2017