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@chris_sutton73 @JohnHartson10 & #Henrik should get together & watch and comment on their greatest hoops moments, and film it #CelticChat 🍀
14th September, 2017 #Henrik
i cant believe how little tumblr people care about henjei like #henrik holm #tarjei sandvik moe THATS ALL U GONNA SAY
13th September, 2017 #henrik
Henrik. He sparkles and he shines, he's sweet and kind and I hope his birthday is as wonderful as he is 🎂💕 #henrik https://t.co/KGNHvS9ZK8
12th September, 2017 #henrik
" It is the Queen and the royal family's wish that the Prince will in future get the peace that the situation requires." - #Henrik
6th September, 2017 #Henrik
"The extent of the cognitive failure can be accompanied by changes in behavior, reaction patterns, judgment and emotional life ..." #Henrik
6th September, 2017 #Henrik