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@VWGroup I have a 2015 cc that has been recalled due to fuel pump control module issue. I don't want to risk crashi… https://t.co/iW5nR1J8z2
21st April, 2018
Dear @bundesrat and German carmaker, I’m not sure if you’ve notice it, but Germany missed yet again the future! Get… https://t.co/xrRWTXCHEP
20th April, 2018
The new leader of the Volkswagen Group says his priority is to make the world's biggest auto company ready for a ra… https://t.co/972fpYZezN
16th April, 2018
@VWGroup announces #HerbertDiess as new CEO - Former brand manager will oversee efforts to restructure the car manu… https://t.co/FFQxODFl6A
16th April, 2018 #HerbertDiess