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Mi amigo Oscar went to visit family in Guatemala for our week off over the 4th. Brought me back this keychain ❤❤❤❤… https://t.co/lujR3LzHdu
10th July, 2018
I'm glad Salvy and LoCain can be together again at the All Star Game. #ForeverRoyal #Hermanos
9th July, 2018 #Hermanos
Here I was standing still in the back of the picture because seeing my kids play and laugh it's what keeps me going… https://t.co/RzhRTOed5P
7th July, 2018
#Heatwave or not these boys are gonna play ball... & they won! (4 vs 8, Evan had to join as fourth player on A’s te… https://t.co/p81XxRKm4g
7th July, 2018
Hermanos Macehual At Ucd Alumni gathering. This is 29 years of first generation college graduates doing great thing… https://t.co/keFfdRu7Mw
7th July, 2018