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@publishorperish Saw your interview with @maddow. Mi-Ai Parrish, you and your courageous staff are my new heroes. #firstamendment #heroes
18th October, 2016 #heroes
Everyday people do everyday things but I Can't be one of them I know you hear me now, we are a different kind We can do anything🎶 😁 #heroes
18th October, 2016 #heroes
Misuse of the term #Heroes on banners to describe elite sports people. Heroes are people who risk life & limb. @HelpforHeroes
18th October, 2016 #Heroes
Privileged to publicly thank @SweetandSourHK @howardhorner for their donations to our crowdfunder & getting #allofme up on its feet #heroes
18th October, 2016 #heroes