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@Daily_Express #Herr Juncker the EU was never master of the world and never will be
30th August, 2017 #Herr
We've known all along Trump was a CzarFanny! Now we know the traitor's treasonous extent. So, off with the Putin-li… https://t.co/nLh2AD7Wa9
30th August, 2017
@RealJamesWoods take @KeithOlbermann guns away. He's a truly a danger to the community and himself. #Herr #Olbermann has gone full retard.
29th August, 2017 #Herr
#Herr's has a new flavor, Chickie and Pete's famous crabfries potato chips! Would you try it? https://t.co/dhheFt7pwO
29th August, 2017 #Herr
Mueller=a super stealthy & lethal PacMan gobbling up the ghosterds running afoul in DC. It's only a matter of time:… https://t.co/YkVkjL5qMM
26th August, 2017
This just in - #Herr'sSnacks is back, and introducing @wfcreamery ice cream! @Serpe and Sons… https://t.co/LsAouzXs2i
25th August, 2017 #Herr