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I can't deal with @enterprisecares this will be my very last time dealing with them. Switching to #Hertz & #Silvercar Better Service!
1st December, 2016 #Hertz, #Silvercar
https://t.co/3XM2z9vdJw If you wish to work with #Hertz then we would like to hear from you. Quite simply, by referring your customers
1st December, 2016 #Hertz
NEVER using #Hertz again. Horrible customer service & a week without $633 of my money released back to me. Angry is an understatement
1st December, 2016 #Hertz
SO angry w/ Hertz. If the problems w/the car on my HONEYMOON werent enough,now they screwed me out of hundreds $ #HERTZ #badcustomerservice
1st December, 2016 #HERTZ
Only 56days so far with no conclusion on unauthorised charges. CS case no 6021302,. #HERTZ @Hertz
1st December, 2016 #HERTZ
Just has such a pleasant experience from .@Enterprise in Denver. Sorry #hertz Bye Bye! Great customer service!
1st December, 2016 #hertz