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Okay, @Hertz my friend and I are planning our summer trip and you’re a huge part of it!! We’ve settled in a few has… https://t.co/XHfrxXAYaF
23rd March, 2018
New shipment of hertz came inn today. Hit us up. We have tons in stock #curlys #curlysinc #hertzhttps://t.co/RLbRWQ4NYo
22nd March, 2018 #hertz
If you use a frequent flyer rewards program for a #Hertz rental car, you could receive a $1 surcharge per day… https://t.co/aM1WWm73Z1
22nd March, 2018 #Hertz
We returned our rental at a different Hertz location and Hertz claims the car was “abandoned”! They didn’t even co… https://t.co/d6jImMUrmL
22nd March, 2018
There’s a #hertz and then there’s a #turo rental. I chose Turo this time around https://t.co/qDt2QomvOG
22nd March, 2018 #hertz