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#TAG #Heuer #Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 WAK2110.BA0830, water resistance up to 500 meters, hour’s hands polished with… https://t.co/DtklXYclpH
27th May, 2018 #Heuer
Patina, patina, bund. See this "other" #bundeswehr only at https://t.co/L7kDFgdDYE using the link in our bio. . . .… https://t.co/7CpJpYMZ7e
27th May, 2018
Check out this SCALEXTRIC - PORSCHE TURBO 935 No.5 C125, HEUER/ Shell Oils, Not Tested, RARE!!!… https://t.co/LGepxRCRDV
26th May, 2018
VIDEO: Vintage #Heuer is through the roof, so why isn’t my new TAG Heuer worth more? Biver responds (via @Pocket) https://t.co/2dRwPy5hBA
25th May, 2018 #Heuer
2nd execution 2447NST with tachy scale and sharp case. Available only at https://t.co/L7kDFgdDYE. Link in bio! . .… https://t.co/uttUrOv7Uk
25th May, 2018
BE REDY TO BID IN OUR EBAY STORE TOMORROW 7:30 pm Pacific Time or send DM NOW https://t.co/yeIeVSzoRi Aquaracer… https://t.co/8HBd43D3DK
24th May, 2018