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Dinner was 2 syn Mac and cheese with added mushrooms and ham! Added garlic and mixed herbs to taste and second… https://t.co/Mxa4oliZEK
13th August, 2020
#HEXA #BracketBerms are built to #work hard with you! No matter how big or small the #job is, our #berms will show… https://t.co/M4lMeZNWUp
13th August, 2020 #HEXA
"Golden Numbers By Naqqash Mughal" 📞 ☎️ 0300786 786 8 📱 💻 ➡️ https://t.co/0ZwPrIdmCThttps://t.co/gczESiJArf
13th August, 2020
"Golden Numbers By Naqqash Mughal" 📞 ☎️ 0300786 786 8 📱 💻 ➡️ https://t.co/0ZwPrIdmCThttps://t.co/XyfCnE5Q3B
13th August, 2020
Hey all, later will be LIVE from 11 - 11:40am . Topic: Digitalization in the F&B Industry cyaaaaaaaa🤗🤗 Live Strea… https://t.co/VhuAQjlUxl
12th August, 2020
#HEXA has a wide variety of #absorbent products in-stock, ready to ship today! Need absorbent - #pads, #socks,… https://t.co/6QD4kYgaE9
11th August, 2020 #HEXA
Sunday brunch is our version of a #McMuffin. Using the homemade burgers, Zavier had burger, bacon, cheese and hash… https://t.co/2vdnbA9Yzp
9th August, 2020
Dinner is homemade beef burger with grated carrot and onion mixed in with a massive salad, was going to have chips… https://t.co/HNwQCRvf99
8th August, 2020
2 units in Eng Watt Street. 1200 to 1300 sq ft. 3 Bedroom. 1 unit is tenanted at $4600. For sale call Keith Tan @9https://t.co/HTOzy5vpRz
8th August, 2020
Check out this #custom #HEXA L-Bracket berm - 25ft x 150ft 👀 #Containment that is made to work hard with you! If y… https://t.co/wftJkBUFgV
6th August, 2020 #HEXA