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Parker’s Series SP330 Light-N-Bright Corrugated Food Suction Hose is being discontinued. Check out Series SW630 Tit… https://t.co/k3UwxFbJQK
17th April, 2018
OSHA has set new requirements to protect workers from silica exposure. Read more on our blog about how to make sure… https://t.co/EzNCXoZ7ds
17th April, 2018
Tesla to NTSB: You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit https://t.co/eMxEKQRgrv #HFE #automation (This is where NTSB should have b… https://t.co/Wl9TPBz2Sw
16th April, 2018 #HFE, #automation
Parker is discontinuing Series 7521, 7522, and 7523 Omni-Flex PVC from their multipurpose hose product line. The Se… https://t.co/zKeiAEjdfI
14th April, 2018
And next is @RichMcIlroy; he's now one of our post docs but is reminiscing about his EngD work on eco-driving and t… https://t.co/ZGTpKuBqev
13th April, 2018
It's a #HFE takeover this week at @uos_trg lunch time seminar. First up is @JamalKinsella one of our 1st year #phdhttps://t.co/Vjw8mSpn2G
13th April, 2018 #HFE
Even the smallest oil spills can carry a large price tag. Get the facts and learn what you can do for prevention as… https://t.co/234Ja5ol5O
13th April, 2018
The Series SP353 Light-N-Bright Corrugated Tank Truck Hose from Parker is being discontinued this month. Check out… https://t.co/dcK1bPwXV2
11th April, 2018
So many colors and applications with Gasoila’s PTFE thread tape selection #hfe #ptfe #gasoiladistributorhttps://t.co/fv7Pl8fCTg
10th April, 2018 #hfe