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Hereditary haemochromatosis - mutations on HFE gene, C282Y and H63D most common. Other non-HFE primary overload di… https://t.co/GNJDVbjSlP
26th October, 2016
Perls' stain shows iron accumulation in hepatocytes and cholangiocytes of bile ducts; case of hereditary haemochrom… https://t.co/QBbhyYLERL
26th October, 2016
Please take me back to the best night of my life.. 😭😭😭 05-13-16 I would go back if I could! @LukeBryanOnline… https://t.co/qYI4qaCD8x
25th October, 2016
@AcMaD1456 And your fantasy team looks like you actually might make the playoffs #HFE
24th October, 2016 #HFE