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All mixtapes 1$ Tonight, Get At Me When You See Me!!! #WhyStopNow #HFE #4Shit
18th February, 2017 #HFE
It's February- 62 degrees outside, locked in my #HFE tickets for June, Still have my job after a week of being a complete BITCH- life's good
18th February, 2017 #HFE
Mixtape dropping Saturday at 7:34 p.m be looking out for it!! #WhyStopNow #HFE
17th February, 2017 #HFE
It's fri-yay! Busy day ahead with visitors to the driving driving sim, a meeting with maritime orgs & student proje… https://t.co/zdTXmHm1bx
17th February, 2017
The sun is still out and @LukeBryanOnline is on my radio #HFE all I need is a cold one to complete the trifecta!!!
16th February, 2017 #HFE