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A free flip up from work doesn’t feel like a free fill up from work until your tank is empty and your truck takes 60 dollars. #Hfe
23rd February, 2018 #Hfe
MD-TEC Workshop: 'The Role of Human Factors Engineering for Development of Medical Devices' - one week to go! Regis… https://t.co/zA1VtND2kP
21st February, 2018
Lack of human factors design principles in silicon valley is causing a huge ripple effect #systemsthinking #HFE #AIhttps://t.co/RhC1RlyxHm
20th February, 2018 #HFE
Let's contribute more than thoughts and prayers. Let's use the tools of our profession, to make a difference in the… https://t.co/N07sE9UTpU
15th February, 2018