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Hurry with them there potatoes pops. I got me a stagecoach to rob, and theys always on time.🐎 #qouteshttps://t.co/pvn2aciZ9j
18th June, 2018
Bush could walk into the Oval Office naked and she'd say, 'Nice tie.' (So far, they've killed a dozen insurgents an… https://t.co/awQHbznjdy
18th June, 2018
REAL investig in2 #Hillary's email scandal needs 2 take place #FBI failed us on this one #FBI did not pursue due 2… https://t.co/zOYLIGBps6
18th June, 2018 #Hillary, #FBI, #FBI
@PatsyResists @wordsmithviv I hadn't heard she's calling herself a dem! If so, it's super great news I do know tha… https://t.co/hLEov7f0xl
18th June, 2018
Or, as George Bush calls it, 'the feel-good comedy of the year.' (We like the real thing!) https://t.co/2ifP0rATghhttps://t.co/71eyN1Vf6D
18th June, 2018
I’m not sure about this Hillary it was more to do with the contents of the leaked emails #Wikileaks #emailshttps://t.co/jiFd89HpTi
18th June, 2018 #emails