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Hillary Clinton dubs GOP 'the death party' if they pass health care bill #hillaryclinton #bee https://t.co/QxdySIQjtR
24th June, 2017 #hillaryclinton
@DailyCaller They dems never give up. Have they never been told the story of the boy who cried wolf? She has no credibility. #HillaryClinton
24th June, 2017 #HillaryClinton
#HillaryClinton has real blood on her hands. She's a joke. Seriously sick of her🤢. https://t.co/yvJYFcrD5t
24th June, 2017 #HillaryClinton
Trying to decide if I prefer being a deplorable or a member of the death party. Thanks for choices #HillaryClinton
24th June, 2017 #HillaryClinton