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Make no doubt about it: The MSM is giving #BernieSanders yet ANOTHER pass. He is not being held to the same standar… https://t.co/gQJSkCk7l0
10th April, 2019 #BernieSanders
No. This will not be a picture of the heart of #HillaryClinton. It's actually an image of a real Black Hole in spac… https://t.co/SNJ0b7RrH6
10th April, 2019 #HillaryClinton
Barr taking the Plunge in and starts investigating the investigators. Were these legal investigations paid for by… https://t.co/clYskpPANO
10th April, 2019
New Post! 🇺🇸It's time to talk about America's First Ladies and their jewellery - Everything you need to know about… https://t.co/jVdMZgxhX4
10th April, 2019
@gatewaypundit @ChelseaClinton Chelsea, whose wedding was paid for by money #ClintonFoundation donors thought was g… https://t.co/PYqh9fDU7g
10th April, 2019