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@KimDotcom @LauriLoveX - NZ tax payers funding a penthouse.. that's got to add up quickly.. #hilton won't be offering government rates..
24th November, 2016 #hilton
Finland is also the homeland of Eero Saarinen, who designed the #Saarinen Tulip table & chairs #knoll @knoll_uk… https://t.co/cuEFafQgmR
24th November, 2016
Did you know the #Hilton has been in operational since 1914. Now have 13 brands @Hilton_Soton https://t.co/mnCODI8V09
24th November, 2016 #Hilton
https://t.co/RG3BAMO9NY Please like my photo, woman with book and pumps. I can win a VIP night in the #Hilton
24th November, 2016 #Hilton