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I see now. Your closer has a bad outing and punches himself, so you can never use him again. Got it. #hinch #astros #giles
4th May, 2018 #giles
@astros @JustinVerlander This loss on @ajhinch making costly & profoundly stupid pitching decisions when every tea… https://t.co/9CjYIf4OjH
2nd May, 2018
@ajhinch Making #stupid #costly pitching decisions again this year! @JustinVerlander @astros deserved better decisi… https://t.co/lozisDvcTj
2nd May, 2018
That’s what you get for pulling #Verlander when he’s dealing you bums!! Jimmy Leyland is blowing clouds of Marlboro… https://t.co/TbS8IdEtKv
2nd May, 2018
Me w/@Hinchtown - October 2013 - @ACSupdates (Fontana, CA) & March 2014 - @GPSTPETE (St. Petersburg, FL) Just a co… https://t.co/DziqpmVG0K
30th April, 2018
@willijet #Hinch was afraid the rain would cause his black hair and beard dye to run into his eyes and turn them bl… https://t.co/gLIkvzljOF
27th April, 2018