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@JustinTrudeau -a person, who support 2 d khalistan supporters is tolerant, He is Peace ambassador 2 @aamir_khan… https://t.co/eWfsTbfSV4
24th February, 2018
@republic No sharafat just a lot of din. #Hindustan accepted immigrants and embraces diversity. But, Mughals were n… https://t.co/N3Q6OaP8t1
23rd February, 2018 #Hindustan
@SudheenKulkarni the statement made by Bhagawat ji: the process of gaining control of the armed forces, (similar on… https://t.co/hQ9CeTkd4p
23rd February, 2018
@TOIIndiaNews #BipinRawat Sir, You are right. #Hindustan is already suffering from Traitors/Terrorist region. we ca… https://t.co/0yEqfYqIUj
22nd February, 2018 #Hindustan