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I wonder if the #HistoryChannel has any thoughts to return or redo #EngineeringAnEmpire — great show
25th January, 2020 #HistoryChannel
@blakewtaylor @CharmedWriters #hacy whumping, the sport of kings these past ten weeks. Who knew the repercussions w… https://t.co/Lh4njUBJ0t
25th January, 2020
A greater disappointment: the later explanation of conquistadors essentially calling them unequivocally awesome wit… https://t.co/E29L8IQbZ4
25th January, 2020
The History Channel is FINALLY showing some REAL HISTORY! 🤩 I highly recommend the new George Washington miniseries… https://t.co/qJvnHdtu2U
25th January, 2020