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I have been speaking of the #HistoryChannel Jack & Ozzys World Detour TV Show....It truly is a must watch even... https://t.co/hQH90qls8D
18th October, 2016 #HistoryChannel
Some one needs to tell the owners of #historychannel that "history" is not the same as "conspiracy theories " and "outdoor s**t*
17th October, 2016 #historychannel
@oreillyfactor Bill watched Killing Regan with family last night well done. Is there a killing rising sun movie in future?#HistoryChannel.
17th October, 2016 #HistoryChannel
Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini Bullies, allies, and murderers #HistoryChannel Both gone while democracy lives on
16th October, 2016 #HistoryChannel