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So good to see this again this morning! And wouldn’t you know it, Jack Darling’s second most memorable finals game… https://t.co/l2yWO6UOmB
24th January, 2018
Always nice to wake up, turn on the TV and be greeted by this! Unfortunately too late to catch the clinical mauling… https://t.co/loBRtC4zey
24th January, 2018
Can we have 2 @FOXFOOTY channels with #historymonth a permanent second channel?
20th January, 2018 #historymonth
Queer ‘Classics: Sexuality, Scholarship and the Personal’ Date(s) - 12/02/2018, 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm University of Re… https://t.co/6jBqSnNa02
19th January, 2018
Watching the 1984 GF on @FOXFootyLive #historymonth. The players of the day would just keep playing if they got hi… https://t.co/VSjcTVkacB
17th January, 2018 #historymonth
I just heard Tim Lane say that the umpire made a bad decision and it favoured Carlton. Probably the last time he wa… https://t.co/HxJBetWLJv
17th January, 2018
Do you have a great idea for an event during Reading's fist ever LGBT History Month? Or, would you like to be invol… https://t.co/7yRj2mQ4yi
16th January, 2018