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I used my new Canon EOS M50 camera to take some test shots of my 2017 Chevy SS Sedan. YouTube Channel:… https://t.co/RralbpA0EZ
19th July, 2019
Just ranked up $40M. 🤑 -- 6 of which with the HOLDEN COMMO 15. 😷 👌 #forza7 #forzahorizon4 #gaming #gamer #xboxhttps://t.co/HPFuXcWdfz
18th July, 2019 #xbox
With our full-size sedan, you can bring the entire family along! 🚗 Book your ride: https://t.co/q3DiWwWX6mhttps://t.co/uux6VfiGAS
10th July, 2019