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Feels generated by final scene of "Controlled Descent", ep24 of @Elementary_CBS season 3, with song "Beekeeper" in… https://t.co/UfHBGmobKI
12th December, 2018
Newly found unfinished #Sherlock #Holmes: The Case of the Naval Attache: It was soft, brown leather, as I recall...… https://t.co/ISRVqn4n0Q
12th December, 2018 #Sherlock, #Holmes
My cousin sent this to me this morning from 2 years ago on my NY/home visit.....she tricked me into going to a stri… https://t.co/q8C4GTuVrF
11th December, 2018
I've just found English subtitle option! That's very helpful for me!! (How Clumsy, it's been 3days since I've got t… https://t.co/IMSPaLM9lM
11th December, 2018