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I just ate my last dinner at home as a single man. It took 47 years, but the day is finally here (well in 2 days it… https://t.co/U3ceBRIzab
11th November, 2017
Just won a $1000 gift card to Happy Harry's, you guys. LET'S GET LOOSE!!!!!!! #NoJoke #HolyShit
11th November, 2017 #HolyShit
May actually leave on time... #HolyShit (@SWA WN186 SNA => OAK in Santa Ana, CA) https://t.co/JvqIPLMGo1
11th November, 2017 #HolyShit
This is an off-Broadway show. I am the Associate Projection Designer. YOU. GUYS. #holyshithttps://t.co/tC7CTsYbSJ
11th November, 2017 #holyshit