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@RJL13 That's awesome, Bob -- thanks for your continued loyalty to Honda and congrats on your #HondaClarity! How are you liking it so far?
13th December, 2018 #HondaClarity
I flipped the switch from my first new car #2005hondaaccord w/130k to this brand new plug 🔌 in hybrid #hondaclarity
13th December, 2018 #hondaclarity
Happy Honda Days is going on now till January 2nd, so don't miss out on these savings! Check out all of our incenti…
13th December, 2018
Oh my goodness. It is so nice to be back in my #HondaClarity! Cannot stand ICE cars any longer!
9th December, 2018 #HondaClarity
First @TeslaCharts Now Elmer When will $tslaq stop saving the world one reasonably priced PHEV at a time??…
8th December, 2018
The #HondaClarity is one high-tech car! It’s integrated with #HondaLink an app that lets you make the most of your…
7th December, 2018 #HondaClarity
HAPPY HONDA DAYS & NEW 2018 & 2019 Model Leasing!!! Call 718 720 1100 for more info or to set up a test drive. spec…
7th December, 2018
The #HondaClarity Plug-In hybrid is efficient and sophisticated all wrapped up in one.
7th December, 2018 #HondaClarity