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just saw 3 motor bikes W<E 1 motor bike W>E CCP's turning #hongkong into Vietnam.
19th October, 2020 #hongkong
There is ample evidence of how the “two week rule” facilitates abuse and exploitation of migrant domestic workers i… https://t.co/vHkZ9TpAuo
19th October, 2020
📸 Our Hong Kong Team recently held a successful CPD session for UCEM alumni on property development appraisal with… https://t.co/KmqpyCAtOP
19th October, 2020
@hkfp The #HongKong government and #CCP China are the rioters; they fence anger and disputes.
19th October, 2020 #HongKong
🥟I LOVE SOUP DUMPLINGS! 🥢Have you ever tried these amazing gems of soup? Every mouthful is a burst of flavour!… https://t.co/UIAoXeZQDw
19th October, 2020