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@GrueGoblin He had an earlier encounter with her. She had a weapon and he stopped her, making his actions in this f… https://t.co/eQFJ8wkBgr
18th April, 2017
There were 2 recorded encounters between Nathan & Antifa woman. In an earlier incident she had a weapon & he stoppe… https://t.co/lB9dxqtD3G
18th April, 2017
@775rhino @Winger770 @Memeforger @Goy_Sama @emperor_groyper This is from an separate incident. In this case she had… https://t.co/jhjJh53YX2
18th April, 2017
Onto the next 1 yesterday was lit!!! Exceel #HONORABLE #TROPHY come and endorse this boy. Tag… https://t.co/FPUDzo6egG
18th April, 2017 #HONORABLE, #TROPHY
RIP Robert W. Taylor dies at age 85 and best well known for being essential researcher to build ARPANET. https://t.co/x3BxSs9y9y #Honorable
17th April, 2017 #Honorable