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So here’s a fun one for musicians - how much do you practice a day or week and what do you like to work on? #musichttps://t.co/65C7ZcbNAq
19th October, 2020
Running a #business can be very #overwhelming at times. You may feel like there are simply not enough #hours in the… https://t.co/ZWSRIybTky
19th October, 2020 #hours
In some companies of Sweden the normal workweek, which comprises 40 hours, has been brought down to 30 hours. It le… https://t.co/mT0X7Lbjaq
19th October, 2020
#MoscowMitch says in a sophomoric essay that #ACBHearings are righteous, and uses Twisted Language to point out a p… https://t.co/UuL9jsagPX
19th October, 2020