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I hate tht the colour of my skin can cost me my life but I'm stil proud to b BLACK ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾#houston #chicago #atlhttps://t.co/zoyY43BUy4
3rd June, 2020 #houston, #chicago
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3rd June, 2020
This our city man, Houston not like nowhere else in this world,be smart, dont tear down what we built as a city and… https://t.co/0rBPt5acwy
3rd June, 2020
Because what Chief is doing is really constructive- 😂 worst crime ridden city in Texas #Houston https://t.co/9WJsLhWihf
3rd June, 2020 #Houston
Here are events you can consider adding to your schedule today! Full registration links and details available at… https://t.co/v4hO8T0ZVn
3rd June, 2020