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#HPA and #ANS. 2 systems PTs need to influence to stay effective. Check out these 2 articles. @OtagoCHARR https://t.co/rvYmSd1B02
20th September, 2016
A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our very own EAGLES, for their first win against AZ Compass this past Friday! 40-38 #hpa https://t.co/Gruost25N2
19th September, 2016
Goodbye my P*. You have served me well. But I know you're in good hands. #Airsoft #HPA https://t.co/1aZpjxuqxw
19th September, 2016
Hi! I'm Brandie Sylfae and I'm the co-organizer of the Portland chapter of the #HPA. Are you registered to vote? https://t.co/FQm9b4ozAG
17th September, 2016
And our Oranges are back. Welcome back! A great start to the term #youngperformers #hpa #hoipolloi
16th September, 2016