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Here is Video of Channel 3’s report on the dropping of #HumboldtFootball. Comment from #HumboldtHC Demaro Wheeler,… https://t.co/tVFO4S1c6K
18th July, 2018
It’s a sad day for Humboldt State football. School president Lisa Rossbacher made the decision to cut the football… https://t.co/gt6lYR1u5z
18th July, 2018
It will be official at 1pm, #HumboldtFootball to be canceled by #HSU after the 2018 season. Sounds like no press co… https://t.co/oPdyN8sxL4
17th July, 2018 #HSU
3 years ago someone was like: “did you go to your heart start” and I had no idea what that even meant 😂😂😂 now here… https://t.co/yDgsHQhMTu
16th July, 2018
Featuring more than 930 teams and 90 conferences, the #CollegeFootballAmerica 2018 Yearbook will be out soon.… https://t.co/RFMHO1aiUc
14th July, 2018