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Smart money saysKJU will find a way to kiss and make up ... sorta. Is he stalling? Sanctions are biting deep. Trum…
24th May, 2018
@mishacollins Both @mishacollins and #HughHewitt, who blocked me, are touting ineffective unconstitutional programs…
24th May, 2018 #HughHewitt
@davidfrum Attention #Hughhewitt. In the 50’s he would have been Hiss’ defender.
23rd May, 2018 #Hughhewitt
Criminals will always find a way to get trench coats. Ban trench coats and only criminals will have Trench Coats.…
23rd May, 2018
"Radio Host Hugh Hewitt Proposed a Trench Coat Ban in Response to Santa Fe High School Shooting"…
23rd May, 2018
@CTO1ChipNagel These Reich wing nut tards like #HughHewitt are so frigging stupid. I can't take anymore!
23rd May, 2018 #HughHewitt