Hurricane Patricia News

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@guardian over hyping is dangerous, hurricanes dont need hyping! #HurricanePatricia was called cat5, turned out cat 2 trop storm
8th October, 2016 #HurricanePatricia
@KuuipoSays Hashtag has info that was going on live. Videos posted frm folks who didn't evacuate. Web tracking storm etc. #HurricanePatricia
7th October, 2016 #HurricanePatricia
@TheAnnaFaith the way you update us reminds me of #HurricanePatricia last year (biggest one on record) stay safe!!
6th October, 2016 #HurricanePatricia
@BrookeRadio #HurricaneMatthew reminds of #HurricanePatricia last year. Patricia didn't kill anyone I hope Mathew doesn't harm anyone.
6th October, 2016 #HurricanePatricia