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Last weekend the band held a qna listening party on their Twitter, get caught up on everything they covered now!…
10th November, 2017
Keep an ear out for "Bad Moon" during NFL's Monday Night Football! #HU5 #HUV @HollywoodUndead
10th November, 2017 #HUV
Five charted in several markets on quite a few charts, click below for all kinds of numbers (seriously, lots of num…
10th November, 2017
#HUV has one thing that the other albums don't. Epic choruses. Bang Bang, Cash Out, Ghost Beach came rn to my mind.
9th November, 2017 #HUV
*Me in school* FUCK THAT SHIT LET'S START A RIOT! #HUV #HollywoodUndead
6th November, 2017 #HUV