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The #NewTenPoundNote is coming. Watch out! Everyone is going to become professional numismatists trying to make the… https://t.co/id5IEnMybL
14th September, 2017
@MoreConsole hey I have an interesting video you might like, I found something at the beginning of the raid while exploring last night #hype
14th September, 2017 #hype
Pokken Tournament DX:Releases in 8 days Gold and Silver Virtual Console:releases in 8 days Ultrasun and Ultramoon:Releases in 64 days #hype
14th September, 2017 #hype
Awesome progress last night on part 3! Memorize your music for Saturday, we will be playing and marching part 3! 😄🎶 🎸#yeahhhhhbandddd #hype
14th September, 2017 #hype