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Missouri submitting first step of RFP to @HyperloopOne by Dec 13th. @andrewgillsmith leading the charge! 👌👏 Catch… https://t.co/Pbf1kEF3ir
19th November, 2019
After speaking at #P32019, @dirkahlborn dashed over to @BNNBloomberg to chat with @greg_bonnell about the coming re… https://t.co/3yj0xfLLyQ
19th November, 2019
@Jesselansner @schmangee Steady on Jesse! Leading railway engineer Gareth Dennis says "the technology works" and so… https://t.co/Or5I9zyc6o
19th November, 2019
Fantastic meeting last night with @NOACA_MPO in the feasibility study. #Hyperloop Chicago to Cle. approx. 40 min… https://t.co/GHXCANLish
19th November, 2019 #Hyperloop
.@dirkahlborn says before doing new #transit, cities & countries should consider the coming of #hyperloop. The tech… https://t.co/0gnIniFwT6
19th November, 2019 #hyperloop
Is a transit ticket the best way to monetize transportation? @DirkAhlborn of @HyperLoopTT asks what other business… https://t.co/9T5aXQxiBb
19th November, 2019