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Knowledge, which is acquired under compulsion, obtains no hold on the mind. - Plato #SocialMediaSchools #ratantatahttps://t.co/Bam05MU3jG
22nd January, 2018
Let’s continue to be flung around this carousel of political back slapping! Can’t #CloseTheGap keep ignoring… https://t.co/O8Hoa4y2hd
22nd January, 2018
Most ppl will say that politicians r the worst. But I believe they r best compared to judiciary, executive, & media… https://t.co/4qfNy7y0Kd
22nd January, 2018
@ashutosh83B I thought that the #ElectionCommission should be free from #IAS and will required accountability towards peoples.
22nd January, 2018 #IAS