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CENTURY21: #C21 Pres & CEO brokerbailey will be LIVE today @1PM ET on cxotalk to chat with mkrigsman about the evo… https://t.co/WdDhuC5Cex
17th November, 2017
#C21 Pres & CEO @brokerbailey will be LIVE today @1PM ET on @cxotalk to chat with @mkrigsman about the evolution o… https://t.co/udZAZSCXow
17th November, 2017
Sorry Bhai @ashokepandit ji on one hand you say yourself a victised #KP i.e. #Hindu on the other hand you're suppor… https://t.co/yXrBjHZkIz
17th November, 2017
Would love a follow back from the future #NXTWomensChampion @WWEPeytonRoyce . Its time to make that belt more… https://t.co/plcIZV3Efu
17th November, 2017
@USFFootball this picture should be hanging somewhere in the athletic building. #iconic https://t.co/bx0ppEOhTH
17th November, 2017 #iconic
@WWEPeytonRoyce And i like you 💕Bring home the gold tomorrow love 😍#ICONIC
17th November, 2017 #ICONIC